WA STATE MUST HAVE: THE WA-STATE-DEPARTMENT-OF-POLICE-ACCOUNTABILITY In WA State like so many others....NO OUTSIDE AGENCY HAS THE JURISDICTION TO DO ANY INVESTIGATION OF ANY CLAIMS OF ANY MISCONDUCTS MADE BY ANY CITIZEN WITHOUT --- PERMISSION--- From the Police Department itself... That is like the Family being the ONLY ONES WITH ANY AUTHORITY to Investigate Charles Manson! I think we all know how that would have turned out! I intend to change this in WA State or Die Fighting to!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Formal Request for meeting with WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson May, 2016

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Dear Attorney General Ferguson and Staff:

My name is Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx. Survivor of Police Sexual Abuse, and further abuse by the Everett Police Department, now in Olympia as an activist, to stop police sexual abuse in WA State.

It is the time we enact legislation to give outside agencies the jurisdiction to investigate citizens reports of (all) Police Abuse/Misconducts in WA state.

Please see- http://missbrenslaw.blogspot.com/ 


I respectfully request our Attorney General to please allow a meeting, so we may discuss the severity of Police Sexual Abuse in WA State, and the need for our Government agencies to be given the “Jurisdiction” to investigate reports of Police Abuse/Misconducts.

On a personal note, I humbly beg of our Attorney General to please reconsider (denied many times over the past 6 years) taking a serious look at my own (well documented) claims of Sexual/Mental/Physical abuse, by then Officer Robert W. Franklin, badge #220 Everett Police Department, and the very obvious cover up by the EPD, that has now taken the past 6 years of my life investigating on my own.

There is no excuse for any citizen to be placed in the position of personally investigating any Police Department or Police officer, to prove the abuse and crimes did occur. There is simply no justifiable reason to leave any citizen, victim, the survivor of Police Sexual Abuse, on their own, to go up against any Police Department.

Citizens are not Police Officers or Investigators, and should never be placed in the position to act as such. This “law” I’ve been told passed over 30 years ago, giving our WA State Police 100% Jurisdiction over themselves, (meaning no outside agency has any authority to investigate, citizen’s claims of Police Abuse, and further Abuse by the Department) has never been produced, although requested by me many times, and with many WA State offices.

I would like to read this “law” passed over 30 years ago that has now destroyed my entire life.

There is simply no excuse for the entire state of Washington, to repeatedly tell citizens, “We have no Jurisdiction” as that citizen is left to battle a Police Officer & their department, on their own. There is simply no excuse for this, and I am living proof of why we need the change in Washington State.

I am now on Six (6) years, Five (5) months and ten (10) days of all the above. How is any citizen to receive documents, through RCW 42.56, from the same Police Department the citizen is trying to prove, through those documents, committed crimes against you? How does that even work?

How does WA State expect any citizen to receive a “Fair and impartial investigation” and how is any citizen to handle the outcome when reporting a Police officer when…. The Chief of Police is a 36 year close and Personal Friend of that officer’s entire family, and even admits to attending school with that officer’s wife?

What I’ve described above is my situation with the Everett Police Department (actually much worse) and I’ve been fighting, on my own, for the past Six Years, Five Months and Ten Days, to prove crimes were committed so that I am finally able to have outside investigations. This has been a huge catch 22 for me & many like me.

I respectfully request our Attorney General allow me the time to state my case to your office, and at the very least, allow me the opportunity for Justice, Vindication, Accountability, and Closure.

We now have the opportunity, using my own abuse by the EPD, of setting a new precedence, in WA State, of “Outside Agencies” Investigations of Police Abuse, and Misconducts. For many citizens like me, the damage is done, but we have the opportunity to save others from the same.

I want to thank you for reading this far, and for any considerations of allowing me the time to actually show our Attorney General how very traumatizing it is, for any citizen, to be placed in the position I have for the past Six (6) years, Five (5) months and ten (10) days.  

With Best Regards & Respect 
xxxxxx x xxxxxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Friday, March 25, 2016

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And I Reported Officer Robert W. Franklin Badge 220 Everett WA Police Department Dec 31st 2009
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