Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Open letter to Chief Of Seattle, Kathleen O'Toole. RE: Police Sexual Misconducts SPD and Washington State.

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Thanks very much for your message. Rest assured, I plan to hold members of the SPD accountable for ALL forms of misconduct. My top priority is to restore community trust. In order to do that we must demonstrate that we have an effective and transparent disciplinary system.

Again, thanks for bringing your concerns to my attention.
Kathleen O'Toole

July 22, 2014 Kathleen O’Toole Chief of Police Seattle PD
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RE: Police Sexual Misconducts SPD and Washington State

Dear Chief O’Toole.

Hello, Chief O'Toole I hope this finds you well. I am writing you with much concern for our innocent citizens, now the survivors of P.S.M -Police Sexual Misconducts, and with great hope that you, as Chief of the Seattle Police Department, would consider publically denouncing the behavior of P.S.M within the Seattle Police Department and all Washington State PD's.

I also hope that you will consider implementing a “Zero Tolerance” for any Sexual Misconducts/Crimes of any nature within the SPD Policies And Procedures handbooks and manuals. My hope, Chief O’Toole, is that if you were to start things moving towards a “Zero Tolerance” of any P.S.M within the SPD, over time all Washington State Police Departments will follow your leadership and do the same.

As you are aware, there have been a few new public cases of P.S.M within the Seattle Police Department recently. Many have been very disturbing to say the least. The few cases of P.S.M that do become public do not tell the entire story of this underground couture of Badge-Power-Intimidation-Sex within our police departments across our own state of Washington, and our nation.

As the survivor of many forms of sexual abuse in my life, and now P.S.M , I can honestly say that sexual abuse of any kind is bad enough. But when a Police Officer uses their badge and authority to abuse (any form of abuse) it is traumatizing in ways that words can never fully express.

I feel it is time to openly discuss the issue of Police Sexual Misconduct so that we can protect any further citizens from P.S.M. I respect the DOJ and the SPD for all the hard work being done to “reform” a culture of “Excessive Force” and “Racial Discrimination.” However it is not a secret that we have a very serious issue in Washington State and the Nation of our Police using their badges and power over the citizens with the intent of Sexual gratifications.

In closing, Chief O’Toole, I would like to congratulate you on becoming Seattle’s First female Chief, and I have no doubts your skills and experience will show everyone in our Beautiful state of Washington, that Man or Woman, you are the right person for the job.

Again, thank you Chief O’Toole. I do hope you will take this all to heart and give it great consideration.

Sent with best regards


Monday, February 24, 2014

Miss Bren's Law Feb 24, 2014- .•☆•. Today is a new Day ♥☆ ♥

Miss Bren's Law Feb 24, 2014- 

Today is a new Day- Today is a gift from God...

Today is a new Day- Today you may smile...
Today is a new Day- Today you may cry...
Today is a new Day- Today you may love...
Today is a new Day- Today you may hate...
Today is a new Day- Today you may soar...
Today is a new Day- Today you may fall...

Today is a new Day- Today your dreams may come true or the day your worst fears come true. Today is the day you meet the love or your life, or the day your heart will break. Today is the day you could soar, but today is the day you could fall. What is beautiful about today, is that if today you do not Smile-Love-Soar or the day your Dreams come True... God always gives you another chance.... Tomorrow~ 

"She has no regrets she accepts the past all these things 
they helped to make she. She's been lost and found and she's still around, 
there's a reason for everything.....
"Tried to make me weak but I still stayed strong!"