God Bless our #GoodPolice but the #BadCops Have 2 Go!

SNOHOMISH COUNTY SHERIFF LIED TO ME: Nowhere has the Legislature indicated that the sheriff's powers and duties are limited to the unincorporated areas of the county. Nor is there any statutory language from which such a limitation might be inferred. We note, in addition, that the sheriff at common law was the chief law enforcement officer of the county, and that the office of sheriff retains its common law powers and duties unless modified by the constitution or statutes. Sheriffs, Police, and Constables § 2 (1987); seeState ex rel. Johnston v. Melton, 192 Wash. 379, 388-89, 73 P.2d 1334 (1937); AGO 51-53 No. 322 at 2. We thus conclude that the sheriff has a general duty to enforce state law in both unincorporated and incorporated areas of the county. "the jurisdiction of the sheriff in law enforcement matters normally extends throughout his county including the incorporated areas thereof." [The sheriff's] authority is county wide. He is not restricted by municipal limits. For better protection and for the enforcement of local ordinance[s] the [[Orig. Op. Page 4]] cities and towns have their police departments or their town marshals. Even the state has its highway patrol. Still the authority of the sheriff with his correlative duty remains.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2-Wrongs Do Not Make A Right *** Just Equals 2-Wrongs

Miss Bren's Law 04-28-2015 "Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right" Baltimore Mom Catches Son Rioting, Beats Him on National TV, Hailed as “Mom of the Year” Right On Mom! and now- MANY Moms are stepping up saying the same things this mom is... We do not want our Sons killed- But we also do not want our sons out there hurting our ‪#‎GoodPolice‬ And MANY Citizens are saying the same... I've not heard the term #GoodPolice so much in my LIFE as I am now. This situation seems to be 2-fold. Yes! it is clear.. citizens are fed up with the ‪#‎BadCops‬ hurting us. At the same time... Citizens (who feel just as I do) are showing the heart emoticon for our #GoodPolice 

1: It is never right to wrong someone, even if they have wronged you first.

2: It is not acceptable to do something bad to someone just because they did something bad to you first.

2: Pointing out somebody's wrongdoing to you will not correct a situation by doing wrong to that somebody.

Monday, April 27, 2015

#NoMorePoliceSexualAbuse*God Bless our #GoodPolice But the #BadCops HAVE TO GO!

Bren Laree I know you agree w/this Seattle Cop Block - Went through HELL and Still Am WA Secretary of State but I made it all the way to Patty Murray in Seattle about stopping #PoliceSexualAbuse - Not going to stop now! I started this in 2010 when Secretary of State Sam Reed was still in office. I'm 100% Democrat but OMG I Love & Respect (R) Sam Reed! He showed me nothing but pure#Respect and appreciation for what I am fighting for~ Sam Reed & Ingrid Pharris are 2-reasons I've never given up Governor Jay Inslee & NEVER WILL#NoMorePoliceSexualAbuse & FAIR - Impartial invistigations of ALL REPORTED POLICE MISCONDUCTS! All reports, Gov Inslee... Not just the ones the PD's can't ignore or PAY OFF (Cheap) with Civil Lawsuits! WA State MUST take a stand and say NO MORE POLICE SEXUAL ABUSE OF OUR INNNOCENT CITIZENS! WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THAT BEHAVIOR IN OUR STATE~ It's LONG overdue, Gov Governor Jay Inslee And I am Living Proof of it 

God Knows I have every reason to enjoy this -Survivor ‪#‎PoliceSexualAbuse‬ - but I DO NOT! Our ‪#‎GoodPolice‬ are suffering because of the ‪#‎BadCops‬ just as the citizens are. Punishing ALL ‪#‎LEOS‬ for the actions of the #BadCops is NO DIFFERENT then when the #BadCops Punish ALL CITIZENS for the actions of the Bad Citizens... Mother always said... Two Wrongs Do NOT make a Right & ‪#‎BlueLives‬ matter just as much as any other life

Ryan J. Reilly

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